22 years passed since the founding of the State Committee on repatriation of the Republic of Abkhazia

23.03.2015 10:10
22 years passed since the founding of the State Committee on repatriation of the Republic of Abkhazia
During the period of the work of the State Committee, to their homeland are back 3500 thousand compatriots living in Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Batumi, the North Caucasus, Europe, America and Canada. 

Sukhum.March 23rd. Apsnypress. "We constantly monitor the living conditions of immigrants and do everything possible so that they feel like full-fledged citizens of their historic homeland. Some of them were able to settle themselves, others we have provided all possible financial assistance and housing", - told "Apsnypress" the Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Repatriation Jerkan Kutarba. 

In accordance with the Law "On repatriation" compatriots, whose ancestors as a result of the tragic events of the XIX century were forced to leave their homeland, from their return to Abkhazia within 5 years given the status of immigrants.

During this time, the State Committee for Repatriation provides financial assistance, provides housing and land, employment and helps in the design of nationality Abkhazia pays for education in kindergartens and schools, partly in higher educational institutions of Abkhazia. 

To finance the state program of repatriation in 1998 was created an extra-budgetary fund on repatriation. "Over the past two and a half years in Abkhazia arrived five hundred people from Syria. 

The first group was a challenging experience for us: we first settled them in the hotels of the towns of Abkhazia, then had to temporarily settle in apartments for rent on a monthly basis that the State Committee allocates 1.5 - 2 million rubles. By now we finish building apartment houses for returnees, allocated by the state in the area of ​​Mayak (forty apartments) and n. Agudzera (fifty-four apartments) ", - said Kutarba.

The State Committee for Repatriation was established on 23 March 1993, during theWar of Abkhazia, with the aim of strengthening and development of relations between Abkhazia and the Abkhaz diaspora abroad.

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