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31.07.2015 18:45
On Sunday it is expected a slight drop in temperature by two to three degrees, cloudy weather, precipitation at times, in some places showers and thunderstorms.
31.07.2015 17:26
First Deputy Prime Minister Shamil Adzynba inspected the reconstruction of the passport and visa service of Abkhazia as part of a new passport system.
31.07.2015 17:18
For this purpose is conducting retraining of primary school teachers of the district.
31.07.2015 16:49
Comment of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Parliament, Dmitry Shamba, in connection with the rejection of the Constitutional Law on the Amendment of the Constitution of Abkhazia "On the quantitative composition of the People's Assembly of the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia".
31.07.2015 16:40
At the board meeting of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies of the Republic of Abkhazia summed up the I half of the year.
31.07.2015 15:22
"The phenomenon of "Blue Moon" is due to the optical effects of the atmosphere. It is difficult to say how bright and clearly it will be seen on the territory of the coastal part of the Caucasus today ", - Levarda Bartsits.
31.07.2015 12:57
The first international horse racing for the "Cup of the President of Abkhazia" will be held at the racetrack in the village Bzypta.
30.07.2015 19:19
The beach is closed until re-virological analysis of water will be ready.
30.07.2015 18:28
At the meeting of the People's Assembly of the Parliament, Abkhaz deputies postponed the adoption of the bill "On a moratorium on the development (production) of hydrocarbons (oil and gas) in the Republic of Abkhazia" before the end of the work of a specially established commission to study the situation in this field.
30.07.2015 17:53
The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Abkhazia approved the "Regulations of the State Administration for Energy and Transport of Abkhazia".

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