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04.11.2015 15:44
The bill was approved unanimously at a session of the People's Assembly of the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia in the third final reading.
04.11.2015 15:20
At the meeting, the People's Assembly of the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia had adopted a resolution on the election of judges of the Arbitration Court.
04.11.2015 14:49
The People's Assembly of the  Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia in the first reading adopted the Decree amending the number of parliamentarians.
04.11.2015 14:11
Foreign Minister of Abkhazia Vyacheslav Chirikba met with the Honorary Consul of RA in the UK, Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Dr. George Hewitt.
04.11.2015 10:33
Opening remarks by President Raul Khadjimba at the meeting with representatives of the Public Chamber.
03.11.2015 18:45
On Wednesday, Abkhazia will continue to be under the influence of an anticyclone.
03.11.2015 16:35
RA President Raul Khadjimba in a meeting with members of Public Chamber spoke about the bank's programs of social orientation.
03.11.2015 16:17
RA President Raul Khadjimba discussed the socio-political situation in the country with members of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Abkhazia.
03.11.2015 14:41
Please accept our sincere condolences on the plane crash in the sky over Egypt - says the letter of condolences.
03.11.2015 12:41
Russian diaspora of Abkhazia expresses their condolences to the relatives of the victims of A321 passenger plane crashed on Saturday in Egypt.

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