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18.11.2015 13:20
The agreement is aimed at the exchange of information, cooperation of business representatives of both countries, promotion of the integration processes between Russia and Abkhazia.
18.11.2015 12:47
Government session will be held tomorrow, November 19.
17.11.2015 18:45
Air temperature at night + 6 ° C.
17.11.2015 17:21
Deputy head of the town administration Leon Kvarchia told Apsnypress about the practical content of the agreement signed in the framework of Russian-Abkhazian Business Forum.
17.11.2015 12:22
Prime Minister Arthur Mikvabia praised the work of the Chamber of Commerce and expressed his gratitude on behalf of the President and the Government of Abkhazia for the successful organization of the exhibition-fair "Abkhazia 2015".
17.11.2015 11:52
At an enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers has begun discussing of the draft RA Law "On Republican Budget for 2016".
17.11.2015 11:28
The judo championship of the Southern Federal District was held in Armavir.
16.11.2015 18:45
Rain showers at the night and morning.
16.11.2015 15:19
President Raul Khadjimba received the Chairman of the Presidium of the All-Russian public movement "Russian Congress of Caucasian Peoples" (RKNK) Aliy Totorkulov.
16.11.2015 15:06
Open Boxing Championship passed in Sochi.

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