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14.03.2016 16:47
President Raul Khadjimba held a Security Council meeting.
14.03.2016 14:59
Wrestling Championship of Abkhazia was held in Sukhum.
14.03.2016 11:34
The Election Commission has registered 85 initiative groups and election associations that nominated candidates for deputies of the STA.
12.03.2016 19:47
Ritsa relic national park and the New Athos cave informed "Apsnypress" of visits during the past holidays.
11.03.2016 21:45
On Saturday - occasional rain, the weather will clear up on Sunday.
11.03.2016 18:41
There was considered a draft resolution of the approval of training programs and conduct of the  Football World Cup ConIFA in Abkhazia, passport programs and plan events.
11.03.2016 13:30
The Literary Prize named after Taif Adzhba for his contribution to the development of children's and young people's literature has been established by the Ministry of Culture and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage.
10.03.2016 21:05
Thermometer will show + 16˚C during the day.
10.03.2016 17:10
By Decree of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia, were pardoned eight citizens of Georgia convicted by RA court for the high crimes in the territory of Abkhazia in exchange for four citizens of South Ossetia.
10.03.2016 16:30
The theme of the meeting will be the Geneva discussions.

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