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21.09.2015 15:07
The meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 22, at 11:00.
21.09.2015 13:05
Team of Kickboxing Federation of Abkhazia headed by chairman of the Committee on Youth and Sports John Atumava went to Anapa to participate in the Cup.
21.09.2015 13:00
The site will cover current activities and inform about the plans of the agency.
21.09.2015 10:26
Primary school teachers of the schools in the lower zone of Gali district of the Republic of Abkhazia passed trainings organized by the Ministry of Education and Science.
20.09.2015 11:00
The Abkhaz delegation arrived in the republic on Sunday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the independence of South Ossetia.
18.09.2015 18:45
Air temperature during the day + 31˚C.
18.09.2015 16:39
They discussed a number of issues on the joint work of the Ministry of Culture and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage of RA and the Department of State Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Russian Federation.
18.09.2015 14:37
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a press conference dedicated to the results of the visit of the delegation of the RA Foreign Ministry and RA CCI to the Italian Republic.
18.09.2015 12:18
On September 20th South Ossetian people celebrates the Independence Day of the Republic of South Ossetia.
18.09.2015 11:07
The order was signed by Head of the Cabinet of Ministers Arthur Mikvabia.

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