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25.06.2015 12:39
Wine intended for the implementation must be certified - State Standard of the Republic of Abkhazia.
25.06.2015 12:15
Engraving «Vues D'Abkhasie»by  Frederic Dubois de Monpere is an authentic impression of the XIX century.
24.06.2015 18:02
Head of the press service of the President of Abkhazia reported.
24.06.2015 17:30
The Chamber of Commerce of Abkhazia signed a cooperation agreement with the State, the Abkhazian diversified and humanitarian-environmental colleges.
24.06.2015 16:02
On June 29, at 19:30 on the square near the Abkhaz Drama will be held graduates' ball.
24.06.2015 15:39
Committee on Youth and Sport of the town administration conducts an event dedicated to the Day of Youth - an outdoor summer cinema.
24.06.2015 14:32
The event is held within the Year of the First President of Abkhazia Vladislav Ardzinba.
24.06.2015 14:10
Organizers - Administration of Sukhum, Judo Federation of the Republic of Abkhazia.
24.06.2015 10:41
The event was attended by over 60 children, among them were children of travelers.
23.06.2015 19:48
The proceeds will be allocated to the creation of the first inclusive playground in Sukhum.

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