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26.06.2015 15:18
The decision to create a commission to address the causes of flooding in the village Gyachripsh was taken at a meeting of Prime Minister Artur Mikvabia with the Minister of Emergency Lev Kvitsinia.
26.06.2015 13:09
Utilities of Sukhum have prevented flooding of the town.
26.06.2015 12:37
At the same time on Monday as a result of the change of air masses in some places will be rains.
26.06.2015 12:07
Brochure by famous historian, veteran of the national liberation movement of the people of Abkhazia Ermolay Ajinjal "Apotheosis of vandalism" has already been published.
26.06.2015 10:45
The event was held to virtually work out training procedure for personnel actions on alert with leaders on the training ground.
26.06.2015 10:04
In 1987 the UN General Assembly decided to  annually observe International Day against Drug abuse and illicit trafficking on 26 June.
25.06.2015 21:21
Due to heavy rainfall in the territory of Adler district and village Kudepsta of Khosta district of Sochi was introduced state of emergency. The weather affected the border region of Abkhazia.
25.06.2015 19:16
Problems of preservation of boxwood and pest control - boxwood moth, were discussed at the workshop with First Deputy Prime Minister Shamil Adzynba and ministers, representatives of concerned agencies and academic figures.
25.06.2015 17:22
The head of the Abkhaz government Arthur Mikvabia met with the leaders of Bzyp racetrack.
25.06.2015 16:01
Head of the press service of the President of Abkhazia reported.

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