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20.02.2015 17:55
This year the prize is awarded in two age groups in three categories - poetry, prose, journalism.
20.02.2015 17:31
The Parliamentary Committee on Budget, credit organizations, Taxes and Finance discussed the bill "On Amending the RA Law" On Excise Tax".
20.02.2015 17:28
The Parliamentary Committee on Budget, credit organizations, Taxes and Finance at the enlarged meeting discussed the budget bill for 6 extra-budgetary funds of the Republic of Abkhazia.
20.02.2015 14:20
Abkhazian kickboxers Enrique Argun (51 kg) and Alan Arshaniya (63 kg) took first place in the Championship of the North Caucasian Federal District.
20.02.2015 12:27
"Tax revenues in January-February 2015 are two times higher than at the same period in 2014. This is largely due to the fact that with the assistance of the General Prosecutor's Office have been collected tax arrears from 2013", - the Head of the State Tax Inspectorate of Sukhum Batal Dzyapshba.
20.02.2015 10:46
In the Abkhazian State Philharmonic R. Gumba will be the concert "Music of contrasts" with Nana Agumaa and Elena Shagun - Donetsk Philharmonic soloists.
19.02.2015 19:08
The President noted that in order to attract investment into the country, you need to gain the confidence of investors and the management will take the necessary measures to create a favorable investment climate.
19.02.2015 18:04
"Not all of the football team players of Abkhazia will get to England at the European Football Championship 2015 ConiFA due to visa problems. This is due to the fact that Britain, like other European countries, does not issue visas to citizens of Abkhazia and owners of Russian passports issued to us", - the President of the Football Federation of Abkhazia Jemal Gubaz.
19.02.2015 17:21
Henri Kvitsinia ( 50 kg) and Timur Akudzhba (54 kg), who fought in the double offset (St. Petersburg - Sukhum) took first place.
19.02.2015 16:54
The Capital Prosecutor's Office in conjunction with the department of juvenile police department of Sukhum and capital's Department of Education held a preventive activity with students of school №9, devoted to the problems of teenage drug addiction.

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