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03.03.2015 14:48
Union of Journalists of Abkhazia announced a competition for the best journalistic work, "He dedicated his life to the people", dedicated to the memory of the First President Vladislav Ardzinba.
03.03.2015 10:57
The project is devoted fifteen years of creative activity of the national costume studio "Studio A".
02.03.2015 17:45
Entry to the hospital building is now carried out on schedule and with the direction of the attending physician. For receiving ambulatory patients in the new building opened RB consultative clinics.
02.03.2015 16:44
KVN team "National Team of Abkhazia" on their first game in the league of Sochi won first place, beating 14 teams, and successfully passed to the next stage.
02.03.2015 13:21
Games involve pupils of the capital schools.
02.03.2015 13:13
In the winter of the seats will be allotted to treatment and rest locals for social programs. Provides up to a hundred places.
02.03.2015 12:45
Raul Khadjimba presented to the staff of the Presidential Administration the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Astamur Appba.
02.03.2015 11:43
To participate in the meeting, which in a row this year, fifty-seventh, you must go through electronic registration.
02.03.2015 10:55
Atmospheric pressure in the normal range. The wind will blow, possibly increasing to 8 m/s.
01.03.2015 16:30
Volunteers of the NGO "I want to live in a clean town" and SDYU help employees of the municipal administration in the capital to conduct spring work day, scheduled for early March.

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