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12.02.2015 16:35
In The Foreign Ministry of the PMR  the Plenipotentiary representative of the Republic of Abkhazia in Transnistria met with the Deputy Prime Minister for International Cooperation and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMRю
12.02.2015 15:46
Citizens of Abkhazia can be treated in the health resorts of the KBR at a discount of 50%.
12.02.2015 15:05
From 16th  of February on Zvanba 9 st. on the documents of the exchange of passports of the Russian Federation will work six people.
12.02.2015 14:01
Electronic systems issuance of passports has no patronage, there are no relatives or loved ones - Shamil Adzynba
12.02.2015 13:37
Sergey Matosyan headed  the Housing Authority of Sukhum Administration.
12.02.2015 10:54
Medical insurance of Russia will be valid on the territory of Abkhazia.
12.02.2015 09:26
BASLAHU – the village with its own website.
11.02.2015 17:48
Commission on funeral arrangements of the WW II veteran Alexander Miktatovich Taria was establibshed.
11.02.2015 17:36
According to the Prosecutor General's Office, the judge exceeded his authority.
11.02.2015 16:59
The Consular department of the Russian Embassy in Akhazia changed the schedule of their work.

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