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18.02.2015 17:51
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia is on a working visit to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
18.02.2015 16:09
Measures to increase customs duties are not developed in the Working Group on Amendments to the Tax Legislation under the President of Abkhazia.
18.02.2015 16:03
The Interior Ministry officials took part in the action «Viva La Vida» in support of CCF "Ashana" and contributed to help sick children.
18.02.2015 15:31
Professor of the University of Geneva, Louis Lutan held a training seminar for Abkhaz doctors on the subject of diabetes.
18.02.2015 15:12
The Prime Minister of Abkhazia Beslan Butba held a working meeting with the heads of construction and contractors of Abkhazia.
18.02.2015 10:42
The theme of the training: "Planning of combat employment of aviation in defensive operations".
17.02.2015 18:22
Working Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia V.A. Chirikba to Turkey.
17.02.2015 18:19
A working visit of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia Kan Taniya to the Italian Republic.
17.02.2015 17:57
Minister of Health of Abkhazia Andzor Goov met with the president of the Geneva Health Forum, Professor of the University of Geneva Louis Lutan.
17.02.2015 17:25
Artists of the Donetsk State Music Academy canceled their concert in Sukhum Philharmonic due to shelling their bus driven them in Abkhazia. There are wounded.

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