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21.03.2019 12:05
The event takes place in Maikop on the basis of the Adyghe State University.
21.03.2019 09:00
Raul Khadzhimba - the fourth President of the Republic of Abkhazia.
18.03.2019 16:03
The Olympiad takes place in Adygea from March 15 to March 20.
18.03.2019 15:44
Athletes train and study in Kaliningrad at the Olympic reserve sports school.
15.03.2019 18:51
The role of special economic zones in the development of Abkhazia on the example of the special economic zone "Amra" was discussed in Sukhum.
15.03.2019 15:29
There was held a meeting of the working group on the investment program implementation.
14.03.2019 14:19
A working group of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Affairs of the North Caucasus arrived in Abkhazia on a two-day visit.
13.03.2019 10:22
The international tourist exhibition MITT takes place in Moscow from March 12 to March 14.
08.03.2019 09:00
“May this bright holiday generously endow you with joy and inspiration, good health and well-being, happiness and unshakable faith in the future!” - the message reads.

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