Abkhazian national team beat the team of Western Armenia with the score 1: 0

31.05.2016 22:31
Abkhazian national team beat the team of Western Armenia with the score 1: 0
The group match between Western Armenia and Abkhazia has passed.

Sukhum. May 31. Apsnypress. Said Dzharsaliya. All the tickets for the match were sold in short time, the stadium was packed, the air reigned tense atmosphere. There were Abkhazian flags flying, all the spectators chanted "Apsny, Apsny!"
The teams went to the field and then the hymns of the Republic of Abkhazia and the Western Armenia recorded. After greeting each other, the players took their positions on the field. Judge initial whistle has been given.
 From the first minutes Abkhazian football team began to conduct an attack in the direction of the gates of Western Armenia.
 It was noticeable that as the audience in the stadium, the players on the field have experienced a strong stress.
 At 9 minutes played, after a pass into the penalty area, the player at number 24 Dmitry Kortava, soaring above the defenders of the opponent, sent head the ball into the gates of the team of Western Armenia. The stadium exulted.
 The situation on the field escalated every minute. Abkhazians have often created chances to score the goal in net, every attack of our team was accompanied by applause and shouts of stadium spectators.
 On the 40-minute Abkhazian player threw head ball into the net, but the side referee fixed offside.
The ball rolled in one direction and then to the other side of the gates.
 At the end of the first half  players of the Western Armenia team have created dangerous moments at the gates of the national team of Abkhazia (46 minutes), but the defenders with great effort carried the ball out of the penalty area.
 In the second half the Abkhaz team began to conduct attack after attack. The game became more assertive, more frequent tight joints and tackles of both teams, after which the players expressed dissatisfaction against each other. The judge began showing the players of both teams the yellow cards.
The players of Western Armenia have created a lot of dangerous moments, but couldn't realize the goal.
 After 56 minutes the team of Western Armenia seems to be equalized, the ball flew into the net, but the referee raised an orange flag.
At the end of the match, the national team of Abkhazia, despite frequent attacks of the team of Western Armenia won with a minimum score of 1: 0.

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