Address by President Raul Khadzhimba to the people of Abkhazia

04.09.2019 19:19
Address by President Raul Khadzhimba to the people of Abkhazia
The Head of State addressed to the people on the eve of the re-election of President of Abkhazia.

Sukhum. 4 September. Apsnypress. President Raul Khadzhimba addressed to the people of the Republic of Abkhazia:
 “Dear compatriots!
 Abkhazia went to independence and freedom in a long and arduous way. The current process of formation of the modern Abkhaz state is also complicated. It is associated not only with the still remaining international isolation of the country and other foreign policy factors, but also with internal socio-political contradictions. There are not a few reasons for worries. Along with significant progress and positive, there is, of course, a certain negative caused by both subjective and objective reasons. However, in our opinion, there is no reason to dramatize the situation, to bring the severity of problems to hopelessness and collapse. Unfortunately, such assessments are motivated by politicization, deliberate emasculation of reality. At the same time, Abkhazian society, despite the attendant problems of development and growth, confidently demonstrates its viability. Different strata of the population, political forces, despite certain differences of opinion on certain issues, are united by concern for the fate of the state, for the preservation of basic spiritual and ideological values.
 Thanks to the support of friendly Russia, positive changes have been outlined in strengthening the security of Abkhazia, its defense capabilities, in the socio-economic sphere, and in foreign policy.
 The first steps have been taken in terms of implementing judicial and constitutional reforms. At the present stage, our state is undergoing yet another serious test of strength and stability. The presidential election revealed a wide range of opinions and views on existing problems, strong and weak links in the democratization of our society, parliamentarism, flaws in the management system, which is still not free from old schemes and stereotypes.
 Meanwhile, it is quite obvious that the elections become a mirror of public and political self-awareness of the people of Abkhazia, an indicator of the relationship between the government and the opposition. The symptoms of state and corporate-group thinking are also visible and obvious.
 Assessing the processes occurring with our direct participation, we must learn to separate the grains from the chaff, value and preserve the useful, positive, overcoming the negative and destructive. We all bear personal and collective responsibility for everything that is today, and can happen tomorrow. Therefore, each of us is called upon, conquering personal interest and addictions, to value those gains, that long-suffering freedom, in the name of which laid their heads hundreds of sons and daughters of Apsny. A serious obstacle to the construction of our state can be internal friction and conflicts, which could call into question the essence and meaning of the national idea - preservation of the people, their identity, historical identity, state sovereignty, constitutional principles of the Republic of Abkhazia. We must not forget that any confrontation in our society can be used against us by aggressive and treacherous forces, condoning the revanchist aspirations of Georgia, which again inspires the conflict in South Ossetia.
 The election of the head of state is, of course, an important stage in our development, but it's only part of the process of forming the political system, building the state, its legal culture, and political self-affirmation. Therefore, in our opinion, one should not take this action hypertrophied, evaluating someone's gain or loss as a phenomenon that could radically change the course of further events, as something fatal. Who can doubt that the course towards independence, determined for a long time and forever by the people of Abkhazia, the founder of the modern Abkhaz state Vladislav Grigoryevich Ardzinba, remains unshakable under any circumstances.
 We can overcome any difficulties in relationships, any problems and obstacles - only together, only in close interaction. And therefore, we appeal to everyone who cares about the fate of our country, our common achievements, our unity — be vigilant, show wisdom, restraint, and composure in order to maintain the fragile peace and stability in Abkhazia, which offers a new chance to become beautiful, prosperous and recognized by the international community country. May peace, creation, traditional mutual respect and the feeling of a united family reign in Abkhazia after September 8! May reason prevail over political ambitions and addictions! May God bless the peace-loving and heroic people of the Republic of Abkhazia! ”

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