Adgur Ardzinba: Abkhazia like the Crimea is experiencing problems arising from the application of "double standards"

21.04.2017 11:38
Adgur Ardzinba: Abkhazia like the Crimea is experiencing problems arising from the application of "double standards"
Minister of Economy of Abkhazia Adgur Ardzinba takes part in the work of the Yalta International Economic Forum-2017.

Sukhum. April 21. Apsnypress. Minister of Economy of the Republic of Abkhazia Adgur Ardzinba, at the Yalta International Economic Forum-2017 in the Republic of Crimea, spoke at the round table "Crimea: Strategy 2030". The official website of the Ministry reported.

 Speaking at the Forum, the minister noted that the economic situation in Abkhazia and Crimea is similar in many respects: "For almost 25 years the Republic of Abkhazia is in a certain kind of isolation. We, just like you, are experiencing problems arising from the application of "double standards."
 According to Adgur Ardzinba, the agenda of the round table is relevant not only for the Crimea, but for the entire post-Soviet space: "It is very important to properly increase the planning horizon, to put medium-term and long-term goals". 

 Ardzinba noted the high quality of Strategy 2030 developed in the Crimea: "I was attracted by the so-called strategy of 3 victories, where the main emphasis is on human capital. This is certainly a very correct landmark. " The Minister noted the importance of the second direction of the strategy - the development of technology. "Those countries that are beyond this development will find themselves beyond the limits of economic development as a whole," he believes.

In addition, Adgur Ardzinba stressed the commonality for both republics of the third focus of "Strategy-2030" - the development of tourism. Crimea aims to increase the number of tourists to 10 million people per year, that is more than 2 times. And in Abkhazia, there are also initiatives in this area in the program "25 Steps of Economic Development". "Today, our tourist flow is 1.1-1.2 million tourists per year. We decided to go not by increasing the number of tourists, we expect to stay within 1.5 million, but at the same time, to increase revenues from one tourist. On the part of the state, initiatives such as providing targeted benefits for projects that offer hotels that are three stars or higher are being discussed. There are more than 37 initiatives that we are discussing, " said Adgur Ardzinba. The minister clarified that this approach was chosen because the territory of Abkhazia is small, and the increase in the number of tourists will put an additional load on the infrastructure, the state of which can be assessed as critical.

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