Adgur Ardzinba: stop dividing people in narrow, selfish interests and be engaged in cheap populism!

18.03.2020 16:01
Adgur Ardzinba: stop dividing people in narrow, selfish interests and be engaged in cheap populism!
The press conference of presidential candidate and vice-president of the Republic of Abkhazia Adgur Ardzinba and Arda Ashuba for media representatives was held in press center of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

Sukhum. March 18. Apsnypress.  At the press center of the Abkhaz State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, Presidential candidate Adgur Ardzinba and Vice Presidential candidate Arda Ashuba answered journalists' questions.
 Adgur Ardzinba on the reasons for decision to run for the presidency: “I am fully aware of the responsibility that will fall on my shoulders and my team as head of state, since I have been directly in various posts in government for almost 10 years. I have been Deputy Chairman of the Intergovernmental Commission of the Abkhazian part with the Russian Federation, a member of the National Banking Council, Minister of Economics for 5 years, Deputy Prime Minister for the past few months ... Therefore, over the years of work in all these areas, I think there is some experience that will allow in the future, already at another level, solve existing problems. ” At the same time, Ardzinba noted that he made such a decision on his own: “Any decision is made individually. If you notice, our team has registered its latest initiative group. This is due not to the fact that we lack decisiveness or self-confidence, but precisely to the fact that in making such a decision, we considered it necessary to take into account the opinions of older people, primarily war veterans from all areas of the country, as well as youth . And all opinions agreed on one thing - you need to go forward and renew the country. ”
 On modernization of the state system: “The current system of government is more duplicated of different functions. I’ll give an example from practice ... The Ministry of Economy is developing a state program on economic policy, but in order to bring the initiative of the Ministry to Head of State it is necessary to go through an agreement with ministries of agriculture, tourism, justice, finance, the economy department of the RA Cabinet of Ministers, and the deputy prime minister, who oversees the economy, with Prime Minister, Presidential Administration, Department of Economics, deputy head of the Presidential Administration for Economics, head of the Presidential Administration and only then with President himself. This kind of chain needs to be removed. The public administration system is a working mechanism that should most effectively fulfill the tasks assigned to it. Modernization is an increase in efficiency. An appropriate program will be adopted and step by step described who is responsible for what. Today, when in one click you can transfer money anywhere in the world, see everything that happens on the planet in a second, we transfer pieces of paper throughout Abkhazia. And so for months! In order to receive this or that service, for example, an extract from the register of legal entities, you need to go to the Ministry of Justice and stand in line for offices. But for what? Everything can be done electronically. We at the Ministry of Economics have already implemented some controls in electronic format. And the same thing needs to be done at the state level. Modernization is an electronic government, electronic document management, which will give us an instant effect. ”
 About the national cryptocurrency: “I do not have crypto farms! I have long been asking everyone who says this to go and find this farm. As for cryptocurrencies ... We have a paradoxical situation, we, as the Ministry of Economy, several years ago, understanding the trends that are happening in the world, proposed legislatively regulating this sphere with the maximum benefit for the state and people. Unfortunately, we were not heard at that time. As a result, it turned out that a shadow market appeared, which is not regulated in any way, and little comes for the state. Lost time and many opportunities. ”
 On the unification of the people: “In my work, I did not divide people according to their political views. It is enough to divide people in narrow, selfish interests and be engaged in cheap populism. We have already passed the election to win at all costs, the result is obvious. There must be a healthy political struggle of ideas, teams, views. How our situation develops further depends on our behavior. ”
 Regarding oil: “Oil and other resources are the property of the people of Abkhazia. Contracts have been signed since 2013. In accordance with the Law on Subsoil, one license is issued - for exploration and production. At this stage, it is only about intelligence. When the exploration is done, then we will understand how much oil there is, what quality, amount of resources and what will give it to our budget. ”
 On the electric power industry: “Electricity consumption is increasing every year, this is due to the fact that life is moving forward. Despite the fact that it was possible to direct more than 1 billion rubles to this area and repair several tens of substations in 5 years, the wear of the system remains enormous, the losses are huge. And under these conditions, a deficit arises, so the Russian Federation provides us with support. It is necessary to consume electricity rationally, costs must be financed - there are no miracles here."

On the tax system: “We proposed and are proposing to simplify the entire tax system, introduce one sales tax when administration requires only 3 indicators - gross turnover, payroll and number of employees. This simplifies the work of all fiscal structures. Entrepreneurs, especially large ones, have a question: this form is not very fair for them. Therefore, we will make decisions after consultation with entrepreneurs. We will introduce either a single sales tax for the entire economy, or a sales tax and a parallel VAT system, income tax, etc. Then the entrepreneur will be able to choose between two forms of taxation. I am more inclined to the first form. As for import VAT, the decision is right - the implementation is wrong. ”

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