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Adgur Ardzinba: the main task is to overcome the political crisis

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Adgur Ardzinba: the main task is to overcome the political crisis
Presidential candidate of Abkhazia met with representatives of the Moscow Abkhaz diaspora.

Sukhum. March 15. Apsnypress.  On the meeting of candidate for President of Abkhazia, Adgur Ardzinba, with compatriots that took place in Moscow. 

  According to report, Adgur Ardzinba spoke about the prospects for effective development of Abkhazia and noted that there are necessary resources for this and, most importantly, human potential: “There is everything to develop, but there is no development, the country has a low standard of living. In such conditions, it is necessary to determine what is the main obstacle to development. In our opinion, one of the main reasons is the protracted acute political confrontation, which prevents development and involves almost all of the passionate forces in this process, it divides the people. ”
 Adgur Ardzinba believes that the people of Abkhazia are in crisis, primarily a crisis of trust in power, justice, security and respect. Therefore, the developed election program of presidential candidate, first of all, provides overcoming of such a crisis. In case of victory, his team will be able to do this, as it is formed of people who are not related to any political forces and parties, who did not take part in the “coups”.  

  As Ardzinba reminded, his election program was based on the Abkhaz economic development program “25 steps of economic development”, which was developed with the support of the Moscow Abkhaz diaspora.  

 At the same time, head of the Moscow Abkhaz diaspora Beslan Agrba emphasized that great and effective work was done to develop it. “I want to confirm that in 2015 we started studying the topic of the development of Abkhazia, attracted the company Strategy partners group. And the Ministry of Economy was the only agency that really worked with us in this direction, provided all the necessary information, went into everything, ” said Beslan Agrba.

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