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Aslan Basaria: total collection of payments for electricity is about 58%

27.02.2019 17:36
Aslan Basaria: total collection of payments for electricity is about 58%
The General Director of RUE Chernomorenergo gave a press conference.

Sukhum. February 27. Apsnypress. Aslan Basariya, Head of RUE Chernomorenergo spoke about the situation with power supply in the country at a press conference at press center of the Abkhaz State TV and Radio Company
 According to Basariya, it was known about the shortage of water in the Jvara reservoir of Ingur HPP  in November 2018, and even then the question was how to sufficiently effectively pass the autumn-winter period of peak loads. “Climatic conditions may change in one direction or another. When we talk about climatic conditions, we mean that the flow of water into the Jvara reservoir, which is measured on man-made objects in cubes per second. Since November, we have held consultations within the Government. The procedure is that the Government of the Republic of Abkhazia requests the Government of Russia to compensate for the shortage of electricity. But the procedures were delayed. We have been waiting for the flow since February 10, and received it on February 27, ” - he explained.
 In addition, Basaria cited data on the collection of payments for electricity: “At the end of the year, the overall collection rate was about 58%. We are talking about individuals and legal entities. As for legal entities, the collection rate is 80-85%, it is easier with them, quantitatively these subscribers are less. The main problems are with individuals. The collection rate of payments among them is 38%. In total, about 104 thousand subscribers are registered on the territory of Abkhazia, while in 2015 there were 78 thousand. We keep a constant inventory and identify new subscribers that were not registered in the database, this work is ongoing, and it is quite voluminous. I admit that there are still a certain number of subscribers - individuals. "
 The head of Chernomorenergo stressed that appropriate measures are applied to non-payers: “It is more efficient to work with legal entities, due to the fact that they are consumers of more electricity, so it’s quite easy to build relationships with them. For example, at times it is easier to come and turn off these objects for non-payment. But the main part of consumers is individuals. Therefore, in order to disable one or another non-payer, you need to send a tower with people, cut off specific lines. In apartment buildings in order to disconnect one or another consumer, we generally have to break down risers, and this is already repair work, we cannot physically do this. "
 At the same time, Basaria recalled: “There is a legal and regulatory framework that requires each consumer to equip himself with a metering device. Then you can contact the power supply organization to seal this meter and put it on the register. "

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