ASU summed up the project “Fundamentals of High Technologies and Development of Digital Literacy”

11.12.2019 12:06
ASU summed up the project “Fundamentals of High Technologies and Development of Digital Literacy”
The project was carried out jointly with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Abkhazia and the autonomous non-profit organization “Electronic Education for Nanoindustry”.

Sukhum. December 11. Apsnypress. The Abkhaz State University together with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Abkhazia and the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization “Electronic Education for Nanoindustry” carried out the final seminar of the project “Fundamentals of High Technologies and Development of Digital Literacy: Replication of the Best Practices of Using Electronic Educational Resources Developed as part of project "Stemford in Russian-language schools abroad." Maya Tsybulovskaya, chief specialist of the education quality control department of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Abkhazia told Apsnypress about the event.
 Maya Tsybulevskaya noted: “The project is aimed at popularizing and developing interest in the subjects of the natural science cycle, as well as at creating digital and natural-scientific literacy for schoolchildren of the Republic of Abkhazia, implemented under the Rossotrudnichestvo grant. The participants in the seminar and master classes were schoolchildren and teachers of educational institutions of Abkhazia. The purpose of such events is to expand the children's understanding of natural phenomena, to develop thinking, interest in cognition and research. The training of future specialists in the field of nanotechnology should begin from early childhood and become an urgent task of science education in the Republic of Abkhazia. ”
 Tsybulovskaya told about the organization of the project: “The participants were divided into three groups. Each group passed various master classes with leading experts. For example, one group went on a quiz, another - learned to grow crystals, and the third - to collect a battery. ”
 “Science is not something far and incomprehensible, it is not only knowledge, but also the process of obtaining it. And if talented teaching practitioners talk about something complicated, then even untrained students will be able to easily understand what is at stake. Pupils of secondary schools of our republic were also able to verify this. In the modern world, knowledge in the field of nanotechnology is more relevant than ever. The field of nanotechnology is currently one of the most significant areas of knowledge. It is located at the forefront of physics, chemistry, biology, technical sciences and is key to the technologies of the 21st century, ”Tsybulevskaya summed up.
 The expert also explained: “The study of nanotechnology in the framework of general education is not provided in the Republic of Abkhazia, such unique and progressive events are urgently needed in order to familiarize students of our country with modern science. It is at such open popular science lectures and workshops that one can spend time interestingly and profitably. They help us understand the truth of life, expand our worldview, make our brain “move” and provide an opportunity to discuss with like-minded people. ”

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