Budget targets in Sukhum, Gagra, Tkuarchal and areas are the lowest

06.02.2015 18:54
At the meeting of the State Tax Service of the Republic of Abkhazia had been summed up the work of the tax authorities in the past year.

As the chairman of the STS of RA Rauf Tsimtsba told, last year the budget was very difficult, "Difficulties began under the constraints of import regime established in the post "Psou" in connection with the Winter Olympics in Sochi. During this period, turnover has fallen dramatically. In addition, the collection of tax payments influenced the crisis in Russia and Abkhazia, as well as the difficult of political situation. As a result, compared to 2013, last year the tax collected 200 million rubles less".

According to him, the budget in 2014 was increased by 84.6 million rubles, compared with 2013, and amounted to 2.1072 billion rubles. The actual flow of funds is made for the year 1,937,400,000 rubles. Worst of all budgetary task performed in Sukhum, in Gagra and Tkuarchal areas.

The board was presented analysis of the implementation of targets for sectors of the economy. Thus, industry taxes collected 98% of the targets in construction - 50%, transport - 49%. In areas such as communication - 92%, trade - 82%, paid services - 66%, resorts and tourism - 86%.

Another reason for the failure to plan, according to Rauf Tsimtsba became arrears. In the whole country their number was more than 140 million rubles. At the same time during 2014 managed to forcibly collect more than 30 million rubles. In law enforcement directed 5 acts documentary tax audits totaling 47,301.4 thousand rubles. "For 10 years, the budget increase was more than 10 times (2004 budget amounted to 191 million rubles, the budget in 2014 - 2.107 billion rubles), but it has changed the tax laws and tax rates - the chairman of the State Tax Service of RA . - We have appealed to the President and the Prime Minister of Abkhazia with a request to make changes and amendments to the current tax legislation. We are confident that the proposed amendments will help to replenish the country's budget".

Layout performance targets for areas presented at the Board Deputy Chairman Alexander Gulia. Like This:
• Gudauta district fulfilled the plan by 117% (plan -131,711 thousand rubles, the fact - 154,301.7 thousand rubles, dynamics - 109%);
• Sukhum district - 115% (plan - 42,953.3 thousand rubles, the fact - 49,306.3 thousand rubles, dynamics - 102%);
• Ochamchira District - 103% (plan - 55,795.2 thousand rubles, the fact - 57,362.2 thousand rubles, dynamics - 108%);
• Gali district - 108% (plan - 28,839.8 thousand rubles, the fact - 31,049.8 thousand rubles, dynamics - 105%).

Do not have coped with the planned targets Sukhum, Gagra, and Gulrypsh, Tkuarchal areas:
• Sukhum - 89% (plan - 1,280,204.0 thousand rubles, the fact - 1,143,396 thousand rub., dynamics - 92%);
• Gagra district - 87% (plan - 484 263 thousand rub., the fact - 423,099.1 thousand rub., dynamics - 95%);
• Gulripsh district - 97% (plan - 51 836 thousand rub., the fact - 50,470.5 thousand rub., dynamics - 83%);
• Tkuarchal district - 81% (plan - 31,678.9 thousand rub., the fact - 25,754.8 thousand rub., dynamics - 115%).

According to the head of corporate taxation Daur Kurmaz for 2014 has been tested 940 legal entities, according to the results assessed additional checks in the budget - 109,281.4 thousand rubles, of which 37,120.8 thousand rubles - taxes and 72,150.8 thousand rubles - fines.

The Head of taxation of individuals Vadim Gabuniya reported on the growth dynamics of tax payments collected from individuals. Like This:
• in Gagra district is 91% of the targets;
• in Sukhum - 100,9%,
• in the Sukhum district - 123%;
• in Gudauta area - 128.9%;
• In Gulripsh district - 112%;
• in Ochamchira District - 97%;
• In Tkuarchal area - 82%;
• in Gali district - 105%;
• General Dynamics was - 100,4%.

According to him, tax payments from renting premises accounted to 16 million. 348 thousand rubles. Including:
• in Gagra district - 12 million. 529 thousand. Rubles (76.6%);
• in Gudauta - 2 million 730 thousand rubles (16.7%);
• in Sukhum - more than 1 mln rubles (6.1%).

As a result, compared to the same period last year, funds raised less than 1 million 432 thousand rubles.

In addition, violators of tax laws of RA levied an additional budget of RA tax payments in the amount of 2,496,641 rubles.

Results of the board summed by the Chairman of the State Tax Service Tsimtsba Rauf, who noted that for the tax authorities there is one problem - the budget execution of the job, while stressing that this is necessary to use all available resources. He also emphasized the need to strengthen the tax administration with debtors in order to reduce tax arrears.

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