Charity action «Viva la Vida» has started in Sukhum

03.02.2015 13:25
In the capital has started a charity event "Viva la Vida" in support of cultural and charity fund "Ashana". The event takes place on the avenue of Leon, near the main entrance of the National Bank of Abkhazia. The idea of holding the shares owned by the initiative group "Helping Hands".

From 12:00 near the main entrance of the National Bank of Abkhazia has set a piggy box. Everyone will be able to lower it a certain amount of money and receive for their donation a gratitude list. Under the rules of action it is necessary to publish a photograph of his thanksgiving sheet in a social network "Instagram" with the hashtag #vivalavida_hh and pass the baton to another.

"The idea of the action arose relatively recently, and I decided to create a logo and send to all my friends on the "Instagram". Two of my friends, Astamur Bargandzhiya and Eric Kvarchiya helped me to create an initiative group "Helping Hands". I think, therefore, we will attract the attention of young people. This action we want to hold in all the towns of Abkhazia and hope to provide tangible assistance to CC "Ashana", - shares the author Inal Adleyba.

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