Citizens of Abkhazia can be treated in the health resorts of the KBR at a discount of 50%

12.02.2015 15:46
Healthcare Minister Andzor Goov at a press conference reported on the results of the official visit of the regions of Southern Russia and the prospects of cooperation with Russian colleagues.

The Minister visited about 20 medical institutions of federal importance, acquainted with the interaction between private and public clinics, discussed the possibility of cooperation with doctors of Stavropol, Kabardino-Balkaria and Vladikavkaz. As a result of his visit today there is an agreement on the conclusion of a number of agreements.

"Moreover, even before the signing of the documents, the Russian medical institutions are ready to accept patients from Abkhazia, free trainings for our doctors in all specialties. Moreover, he has developed a graph arrival in the Republic of specialists from Russia and their work here on a rotational basis. There was no cry for help from our side! We talked about working together", - said Andzor Goov.

The minister said that the next stage of work is filling Agreements with specific content. And this will depend on the major areas of Abkhazia physicians who must "make friends" with colleagues, define the tasks to interact.

For example, there is an agreement with the management of the resorts of Kabardino-Balkaria on spa treatment of citizens of Abkhazia in the health resorts of the KBR at a discount of 50%.

The Minister also visited the Medical Faculty of the University of the KBR, where 28 students are from Abkhazia, and familiarized with the conditions of learning and achievement Abkhaz guys. "Teachers are pleased of them, feedbacks are very warm", - said Andzor Goov.

In addition, the minister said, it was proposed to hold in Abkhazia in August of this year, a national conference of urologists.

On 14th of February, Saturday, it is scheduled to meet with the Minister of Health of the Krasnodar Territory in Sochi.

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