Consequences of the night rain are averted - Elena Atepina

26.06.2015 13:09
Consequences of the night rain are averted - Elena Atepina
Utilities of Sukhum have prevented flooding of the town.

Sukhum. June 26. Apsnypress. According to the head of municipal institution "Public Management Administration of Sukhum" Elena Atepina, after flooding occurred in Adler, the Office, in order to prevent similar in Sukhum, transferred all the services around the clock.    

"MUP" Vodokanal "and MUP DRSU all night in the pouring rain, were pumping the water in places flooding and storm sewer grating purified of debris to ensure smooth flow of storm water. Earlier in the spring, were conducted ongoing work on clearing storm channels by which mainly managed to avoid flooding. Currently, work is underway in the area of ​​Mayak, the river Adzyapsh is at its critical point. There are several instances of flooding of private households, we immediately go to the place, if the elimination of the consequences is the responsibility of the Office", - said Elena Atepina.    

"The work of utilities greatly complicates the garbage thrown on the streets by the citizens", - said Atepina.

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