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Coronavirus Coordination Headquarters urges citizens to stay home

27.03.2020 19:33
Coronavirus Coordination Headquarters urges citizens to stay home
The coordination headquarters for protection of population from coronavirus issued a statement.

Sukhum. March 27. Apsnypress. Representative of Coordination Headquarters for Protection of Population from the Coronavirus, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Welfare Alkhas Kondzhariya spread an official message.
 The message says:
 “To date, a state of emergency has been introduced in the Republic of Abkhazia. These measures were taken because our citizens do not comply with quarantine. We are doing this in order to isolate the inhabitants of the country from each other and from places of mass congestion. Introduced SE implies this.
 We kindly request all citizens of the republic to stay at home, not visiting crowded places, these are weddings, funerals. Going out only when necessary.
 We are not talking about an outbreak of coronavirus. There are no reported cases at this time.
 I would also like to note that together with the doctors of our country the stages of patient routing in the event of an outbreak are being worked out. Between 26 and 27 of the current month, about 19 people were suspected of having a coronavirus infection in the infectious diseases hospital, but after testing no one was confirmed to be infected.
 On behalf of the entire medical community and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, we urge you to observe all necessary precautions, ask you to wear personal protective equipment, wash your hands and avoid crowded places. ”

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