Daur Kove: the Abkhazian pavilion made a splash at the international Damascus fair

25.08.2017 15:15
Daur Kove: the Abkhazian pavilion made a splash at the international Damascus fair
On the results of the visit to the Syrian Arab Republic.

Sukhum. August 25. Apsnypress. Damey Kaslandziya. A press conference on the results of the visit of the delegation of the Republic of Abkhazia to the Syrian Arab Republic led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia Daur Kove was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia. During the visit, the delegation took part in the Damascus International Fair, where they attended the official opening ceremony.

 Daur Kove informed about a number of meetings with representatives of the Government of Syria: "We talked about the possibilities of establishing bilateral relations in all spheres of activity. In general, the meetings were held on a positive note, and the Syrian side showed great interest in our republic. The visit was very fruitful. Syria has opened to us from a new perspective. There are still combat operations, but the country continues to develop and is ready to establish relations with other states. We invited representatives of the Government of Syria to Abkhazia, so we are waiting for them. Thanks to Gennady Gagulia and the work of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Abkhazia, we made a splash at the international Damascus fair, many thanks to them for this. All the days that we were there, our pavilion was in the center of attention, both from the press and visitors of the fair."

 RA Minister of Economy Adgur Ardzinba reported on possible directions of cooperation between the countries: "At the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Trade Economy of Syria, we discussed specific issues on the perspective model of interaction between our countries. The Syrian Arab Republic, despite a long war, is sufficiently developed economically, the pace of industrial production, the production of agricultural products, export deliveries are increasing. In this context, Syria's import products on the domestic market of Abkhazia is very interesting, and products produced in Abkhazia could be of interest in the market of the Syrian Republic. In addition, we indicated that we have an Agreement with the Russian Federation on duty-free trade regime. In this regard, great attention was paid to the prospect of localizing production based on Syrian raw materials in Abkhazia. The products we saw there were of the highest quality.The distance between Sukhum seaport and the main seaport of Syria is 1,400 nautical miles, which the ship overcomes in 5 days. This is a relatively short-lived path. Also, we discussed the possibility of creating trading houses and trade missions of the two countries. At the same time, for my part, I announced the possibility of working out mechanisms that would allow duty-free trade between our countries."

 President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Abkhazia Gennady Gagulia said: "The main event is that Abkhazia participated for the first time in an event of this scale. 43 countries took part in the Damascus Fair, and much attention was paid to us. The Abkhazian pavilion presented materials about the traditions and culture of the Abkhazian people, agricultural and tourist industries, as well as the investment potential of the country. The products of our manufacturers aroused great interest among all visitors, especially wine products and jams. There was a large influx of visitors in our pavilion for all 5 days , everyone wanted to try Abkhazian products and buy it. We were able to show all the best. People liked our figs, as well as smoked cheese, which was considered a delicacy. All Abkhazian products are natural, without harmful additives, that is why probably it caused  such an interest. I hope that next year the pavilion will be bigger, and we will be able to show a wider range of products."

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