Dmitry Serikov: next year going to the government of all the recipients of budget funds in order to increase funding will be completed

26.06.2015 18:19
Dmitry Serikov: next year going to the government of all the recipients of budget funds in order to increase funding will be completed
The Cabinet of Ministers discussed and adopted the Resolution "On the organization of the work on the RA draft law" On republican budget and budgets of state extra-budgetary funds of Abkhazia for 2016 ".

Sukhum. June 26. Apsnypress. "As far as I remember, in all these years the budget has never been submitted in time. This year, we have to meet deadlines - said Prime Minister Artur Mikvabia. - Plans should be realistic, but it is necessary to provide for the implementation of all measures laid down. 

" In addition, the prime minister reminded that it is to be the introduction of the treasury system of accounting, which will ensure transparency in the movement of funds in the budget. 

The Decree provides that: The Ministry of Economy is to organize the development of forecasting and submit for approval to the Cabinet of the Republic of Abkhazia until June 30 indicative plan for socio-economic development of the Republic of Abkhazia for 2016. And such a plan, according to the Ministry, is ready. 

Further, based on the Indicative Plan, the Ministry of Finance should develop the basic parameters and design parameters of the State Budget for 2016. The draft law "On republican budget for 2016" should be submitted to the Cabinet until August 30 of this year. 

Previously, until 20 of August, the state budget funds also make and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers the relevant draft of their budgets. However, other recipients of budgetary funds is still in the period before 1of June, had to create and send forecast parameters of budget allocations. But, as Arthur Mikvabia noted,  the terms are violated and not all plans are made. 

In addition, based on the Indicative Plan, the Ministry of Taxes and Duties must forecast revenues until 15 of July, State Committee for State Property Management and Privatization - forecast revenue from the use of state property and the State Customs Committee - forecast customs duties. 

By early July, should be ready state programs for the following year, as well as a list of objects of construction and reconstruction, to be financed from the budget. By this time their draft budgets make, approve and submit to the RA Ministry of Finance and local authorities. 

"All employees of the Ministry of Finance are now working in emergency mode and ready to answer all questions of concern", - said, addressing the meeting, Finance Minister Amra Kvarandziya. 

"There will be an additional innovation, - said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Serikov , referring to the organization of work on the budget. - Each public authority will be allocated a specific time when its representatives will be able to come, justify and defend their cost estimates and program. None of the programs just will not be approved. You have to present the objectives and the means necessary to achieve them. Starting next year going to the government to ensure increase of the budget will be over! "

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