Electronic systems issuance of passports has no patronage, there are no relatives or loved ones - Shamil Adzynba

12.02.2015 14:01
Work on the organization of the exchange of Abkhaz passports goes to completion. This was announced at a press conference by First Deputy Prime Minister of Abkhazia, Head of the Working Group to prepare the conditions for entering a new sample of the passport of the citizen of Abkhazia, as well as the approval of the form of the residence permit RA Shamil Adzynba. In addition, he spoke about the results of his visit to Moscow and negotiations of the Working Group with representatives of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Goznak".

"Those internal Abkhazian passports that now exist – are our first documents, our pride. But they were not published in Russia, and their quality is very poor - said Shamil Adzynba. - As the head of "Goznak" said any cheater with a good printer could fake it. Today, there is a problem of their exchange. And not so much because of the poor quality of them, but because of the political processes that occurred in the country". We are talking about the problems of illegal reception of the main document of identity of the citizen of Abkhazia, as well as the imperfection of the system of issuing passports. According to him, modern new passports will be printed with a special protection system design which was developed by a special group of representatives of the Police Passport and Visa Service and graphic designers under the direction of Timur Kaytan.

As a result, the sample of passport is approved, it will be rich green color selected by the first President of Abkhazia and burgundy form of a residence permit. At the moment we are working on the text of the document itself. And on the way a quotation from the "Goznak". Equally important named by the first deputy prime minister and the work to create a new system of issuing passports. "OVIR's technical equipment, and the principle of issuance. So obtaining a passport will be convenient and fast for our citizens. Already developed special regulations governing the procedure for submission of documents certifying the identity of the citizen of Abkhazia", - said Shamil Adzynba. And most importantly it is about creating an electronic database certification. Moreover, such a database will be of modular in nature and can also be used for pensions and issuing driver's licenses to residents of the country. "In the electronic system of issuing passports patronage is not working, here are no relatives or loved ones", - said the Deputy Prime Minister.

As the head of the working group, the price of a new passport has not been determined conclusively. But, according to preliminary data with a circulation of 100 thousand and net of transportation costs, the cost of the document is slightly more than 149 rubles. All work on the exchange of Abkhaz passports will be completed in February 2016.

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