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Exhibition of Swiss artists "Playing Outdoors" has been opened in Sukhum

09.02.2016 20:45
Exhibition of Swiss artists "Playing Outdoors" has been opened in Sukhum
The exposition of Modern Art performed by 7 Swiss artists has been opened at the cultural site "Warehouse of Drama Theatre".

Sukhum. February 9. Apsnypress. Irena Dzhopua.  "The exhibition presents works by young and already mature artists in different genres and styles of contemporary art", - said exhibition curator Tatiana Ergunova

"This is mainly visual series. installation, sculpture, video, and there is one game - petanque. We would like to put most unusual objects to the local audience and thus to do something new that might surprise visitors", - said Ergunova.

Opening the exhibition, Professor of the Zurich School of Art, director of the Swiss Foundation Artasfoundation Dagmar Reichert, thanked the curators of the exhibition and noted the importance of art in today's uncertain world.

"All of us in Abkhazia, and Switzerland do not know what to expect from the future and often cautiously look into the unknown. Art enables us to contemplate, to think and to overcome our fears. In my opinion, the main value of contemporary art are not the objects of it, but their dialogue with the audience", - said Reichert.

Of the seven artists whose works are on display, three arrived in Abkhazia and they have modified their work here. So, for example, Andrea Volfensberger visualizing sounds in her works, the sculpture "Violent sneezing" filled with sand from the local river. The idea came to her after arriving in Abkhazia.

Artist Markus Schwander laid out on the floor brick fragments found on the beach in Sukhum in front-screen of his video installation "Frank Slide show".

"I've been doing this work for four years. I photographed the rock falls in the mountains of Canada. When I came here, I had only video and music to it, but when I walked by the sea, found fragments of bricks. I had the idea to bring them here and complement my work. Stones falling in the mountains and rocks, made by man that served him and then handed down to the sea shore", -  Schwander said. 

In addition, within the framework of the exhibition the artist Beat Lipper, who presented the installation" Silent game and body language ", will hold a workshop on 10, 11 and 12 of February, in which the participants will play the French game pétanque. During the hour and a half, participants will have to be silent and to immerse themselves in the game. After the workshop will be a discussion about the experience of the participants.

The exhibition "Playing outdoors" will be opened at the site "Warehouse of Drama Theatre" until February 20.

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