His birthday celebrates writer and poet Terentiy Chaniya

10.02.2015 09:32
In the poet's work reveals the fullness of life in each row there is a feeling of happiness and joy. In his works Chaniya refers to the homeland without tiring confess his love to it and every time he finds new words. High feelings, devotion to the Fatherland and friends - this is an expression of his poetic lines.

On the day of his birth, the correspondent of  "Apsnypress" met with him and, according to Terentiy Chaniya, to date, he has been active in creative activity. For example, recently, he wrote the story "Aшҭa aханы аҧслымӡ" dedicated to the young man who dead in war, it has not been published yet. Speaking about the Abkhazian poetry, Terentiy Chaniya noted that "our poetry stepped over the centenarians, the first artwork by Dmitriy Gulia in Abkhaz language is called "Аҳы, сышәҟәы уеиҵамхан. "He was joined by a galaxy of young writers such as I. Kogoniya, M. Lakrba, K. Agumava, D. Darsalia and others. Despite the fact that our literature exists only a hundred year, we can compare with the achievements of ancient peoples. In our literature began to appear novels in verse of Mushni Lasuriya, Platon Bebiya, which perfectly reflects the identity of the people. "According to him, "today in Abkhazia there are talented youth, and they has moved away from those traditions, which we adhere to, they have their own direction. We, for example, followed the traditions of Pushkin, Lermontov, Akhmatova, and others. Today's young people choose their own path, but I do not see anything wrong, times change, and we change, too", - said Chaniya.

On his birthday the SIA "Apsnypress" wishes Terentiy Mikhailovich good health, further success and good mood every day! Your works become the property of the national literature and won the national love.

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