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Ilya Chekheriya: we plan to clear the country from garbage

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Ilya Chekheriya: we plan to clear the country from garbage
The youth of Abkhazia initiated the action "We are for clean Apsny."

Sukhum. February 4. Apsnypress. At the initiative of the youth of Abkhazia there was launched a project “We are for Clean Apsny”. The initiator Ilya Chekheriya told Apsnypress about the action.
 According to Chekheriya, two actions will be held within the framework of the project - “Let's do it together” and “It’s clean there where they do not litter”: “We plan to clear the whole country from garbage in one day. Our goal is to destroy all unauthorized landfills, remove garbage that harms us and our nature from towns, forests and rivers. ”
 Ilya spoke about the plans: “During the first action, we plan to gather people and hold subbotniks. To do this, we create headquarters in each town where volunteers will work. Also, a special mobile app is being developed, which is easily downloaded to phone without registration. A person who finds an unauthorized landfill will be able to photograph and indicate the location of its position on the map with this app. We consider the application within seven days , if the information is confirmed, we will clean the territory. Our team is the indifferent residents of Abkhazia who care about future of the country. ”
 According to him, a similar action was held in Estonia in 2012, by Rayer Nylvak, when he united the whole Estonia, and in one day the volunteers cleared the vast territory of garbage.  

  The second action, “It's clean there where they do not litter,” the young people plan to hold simultaneously with the first. “When a person takes part in this kind of action even once, then he will no longer have a desire to throw out the trash on the street. The goal is not only to cleanse the country, but also to change the way people think. Therefore, I want as many people as possible to know about the project and take part in it, ”Ilya noted.
 According to Chekheriya the project initiators plan to complete all organizational work by May 3.

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