In these moments Raul Khadjimba is at the meeting with public of Tkuarchal

26.02.2015 13:09
As the correspondent of "Apsnypress" said, from the speech of the head of Tkuarchal district Aida Chachhaliya revealed that the main problem of the city is the outflow of young people and the destruction of infrastructure. Most of the public concerned with social problems, such as housing.

The head of Tkuarchal district appealed to the leadership of the country to find a way out to preserve the previously laid in the area of fruit plantations.

Addressing the audience, Aida Chachhaliya reported that in May, the city plans to open a monument to Vladislav Ardzinba, and begin construction of the temple. Together with the Fund "Ashana" will create a board of trustees. Everyone is welcome to transfer funds for the construction of the temple.

"We will work closely with the youth of the city and are now creating a youth organization", - said the head of the district.

According to Raul Khadjimba, "we have not been able to fully realize the potential of the town. Today we have other options. We can do a lot". The President noted that our budget is still little more than three billion rubles. "We do not use rational potential that we have. The situation can be radically changed if there will be the right approach to our capabilities", - he said. "Russia gives money not to individual officials. They are intended for our people and help economic development". Khadjimba said that changes are needed in the community. "Those ministers and officials who will not be able to implement our plans will go away". The President assured the audience that within three years the pension will grow to medium size - 10 thousand rubles. "All that we promised - will be done, but not as fast as we want", - said Khadjimba.

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