Kan Kvarchiya: the most important thing in work is to take care for citizens

22.01.2020 15:51
Kan Kvarchiya: the most important thing in work is to take care for citizens
The acting head of the Administration of Sukhum commented on the results of the work for three months.

Sukhum. Apsnypress. January 22. The acting head of the Administration of Sukhum Kan Kvarchiya commented on the results of the work for three months. 
 Kvarchiya noted that he began his activity with personnel decisions: “I did not see that fire in the eyes, which was needed to support our endeavors. We hired new, talented young people, and this helped to take the first, tangible steps in business. ”
 Kan Kvarchiya emphasized that the most important thing in his work is taking care of the citizens: “It was important for us to find out all the problems of the town. The problems were big! People began to work, to fulfill their direct duties. It is gratifying to see. Despite all the political cataclysms, we tried not to leave the town without proper attention. I hope that together we will improve the appearance of our town. There is a desire, and we are ready to work further! ”
   As the repot says, the acting head of Administration was able to change the face of the town. Road cleaning is carried out regularly, and not only on the main streets, but also on the outskirts of the town. Cropping and treatment of green spaces is being done, bus stops have been restored, tiles have been laid on the sidewalk near the market, a number of works on installing lighting devices in the capital have been carried out, work on inspecting schools, kindergartens and public utilities has been intensified.
 Svetlana Shemenkova, Head of the Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Management of the Administration of Sukhum, spoke about the tasks set by Kan Kvarchiya: “We are working quite constructively, with a clear definition of guidelines and specific tasks that contribute precisely to development of our town. The main areas that have been identified over 100 days are the improvement of public areas, putting them in order, clearing parks, building sidewalks. All decisions are made collectively. ”
  Head of the communal administration of Sukhum Town Administration Dmitry Akhuba also confirmed that if everything planned is realized, then the residents and guests of Sukhum will feel the cosiness and comfort of the capital.

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