More than 50 enterprises are included in the catalog of the CCI of Abkhazia 2015

12.02.2015 17:26
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Abkhazia unveiled its new, seventh "Catalogue - 2015", which presents more than fifty companies. The catalog is published annually.

"This catalog is in demand for foreign entrepreneurs who want to get detailed information about our facilities. Circulation - a thousand copies, but last year it was only enough for us for six months, so as soon as possible, it will be doubled",- said in an interview with "Apsnypress" RA CCI President Gennadiy Gaguliya.

"We have published many booklets in different languages: English, Arabic, Turkish and Serbian. It depends on the country in which we operate, update them to each exhibition and trip", - said Gaguliya.

Last year only the Chamber of Commerce ordered printed materials worth over one million rubles.

The catalog is distributed to the ministries, departments and various administrations of towns and districts.

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