Narcologists of Abkhazia plans to cooperate with colleagues from Kazan

26.02.2015 11:02
Narcologists of Abkhazia appealed to colleagues from Kazan with a request for assistance and cooperation in the treatment of drug addicts.

"We see that the experience of narcologists from Kazan is the most successful in Russia, so it is important to cooperate with them. We communicate with colleagues from Moscow and Yaroslavl and now establish contact with Kazan", - explained the chief doctor of the national drug abuse clinic Irma Anua.

Anua noted that only close cooperation at all levels: the legislative, legal, health and social - can give a positive result. This problem is solved only a set of measures and significant role in this is played by administrative levers that drive and motivate a person to treatment.

"The work of the physician in the treatment of drug addiction - is the easy part. Our task is to bring people from withdrawal symptoms and to indicate the way in which it is necessary to go further. Now that's hard. To do this there are a lot of rehabilitation centers , various programs and communities", - said the Chief Narcologist of the country.

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