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On the meeting of the President of Abkhazia with Russian President

18.02.2016 15:07
 On the meeting of the President of Abkhazia with Russian President
On the meeting of Raul Khadjimba with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the country residence of the Russian President "Novo-Ogaryovo".

Sukhum. Febuary 18. Apsnypress. Welcoming the President of Abkhazia, Mr Putin said: "We are in contact with you: I remember your visits to us - in Moscow and Sochi. I will not speak about the special nature of our relationship, they evolve. Perhaps there are issues that require separate discussion. Our legal base is getting more solid, and practical cooperation is developing in all areas: in the economic sphere, in the sphere of security. The volume of our relations is large enough. And, of course, very pleased to be able to talk to you on the full range of these issues".
 "Thank you. I am very glad about our today's meeting, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich", - said Khadjimba.
 "Since the last meeting, there was a significant amount of changes in the relations between our countries, signed a number of sectoral agreements in the development of the basic Treaty. There are issues to be solved by security theme, economic issues, social issues. Today it is almost a process of increase of pensions of Russian citizens residing in the territory of Abkhazia, and there are already relevant results in respect of the ministries of culture, the relationship of the Interior.
I think that this development should be intense, and further it will be reinforced", - said President of Abkhazia

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