Operstab: three cadets have confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus

22.05.2020 23:08
Operstab: three cadets have confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus
The operational headquarters for protection of population from coronavirus informs ...

Sukhum. 22 May. Apsnypress.
The operational headquarters for protecting the population from coronavirus continues to inform citizens about the epidemiological situation in the country.
 The message says:
 “Over the past day, biomaterial for testing for coronavirus infection was taken from 69 people, three of them have confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus. All of them are cadets.
 28 people today were discharged from the observation in Aitar rest house in the capital, all of them are cadets - 24 people from the Ministry of Defense and 4 cadets from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
 To date, 20 patients with confirmed coronavirus infection are in Gudauta hospital. The total number of identified patients with coronavirus in Abkhazia during the pandemic is 28 people. Of these, six recovered, and one patient died. ”

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