Parliament of Abkhazia condemned the attack at Baghdad airport

04.01.2020 15:11
Parliament of Abkhazia condemned the attack at Baghdad airport
Statement by National Assembly of Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia in connection with the terrorist attack at Baghdad airport.

Sukhum. 4 January. Apsnypress. The People's Assembly of Parliament of Abkhazia issued a statement in which it strongly condemned the terrorist attack at Baghdad’s airport, "which is a monstrous and unprecedented example of state terrorism that puts humanity on the brink of another world war with unpredictable consequences."
 “The United States committed a terrorist act in violation of existing international norms, universally recognized principles of international law, demonstrating a complete disregard for the positions of other actors in world politics and universal values.
 National Assembly of Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia expresses its deepest condolences to the family of Kassem Suleimani, the leadership and people of the Islamic Republic of Iran in connection with the death of a prominent statesman and military leader.
 We urge all international organizations and representative bodies of world states to condemn the terrorist act aimed at unleashing a war in the region, ” the document says.

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