Parliamentary committees discussed the budgets of the extra-budgetary funds of RA

20.02.2015 17:28
The Parliamentary Committee on Budget, credit organizations, Taxes and Finance at the enlarged meeting discussed the budget bill for 6 extra-budgetary funds of the Republic of Abkhazia. Meeting was chaired by Committee Chairman Georgiy Agrba.

Thus, according to the draft law "On the budget of the pension fund", the income of the Fund for 2015 is provided in the amount of 974 952.0 thousand rubles. At the same time 136 million 800 thousand rubles will be inter-budgetary transfers, which will be used to increase pensions categories of citizens of Abkhazia who do not receive Russian pensions. According to preliminary information, there are about 13 - 15 thousand of such people in the country. Accurate data will be received by the Fund after receiving a database of retirees from the Russian Federation after the conclusion of the agreement. Thus, the figure of the Abkhaz pensions should reach the level of 1500 rubles. It is about social and Pensions. Recommending the adoption of the bill in the first reading at the Parliament session, lawmakers agreed that further discussion of the subject should be the issues of increasing payments to full orphans and families of those killed in the war. In addition, as noted Deputy Chairman Beslan Tsvinariya, we must go back to work on the draft law "On Pensions RA", as today the country's pension policy is unbalanced. It remains an open question, and to gradually raise the level of pensions of RA to Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation: the growth of payments should occur within a few years, while the strap to increase pensions determined the date January 1, 2015.

According to the deputy Said Kharazia, this issue requires further discussion in the parliamentary meetings, to be held in Russia. According to the bill "On the budget of the Fund of social insurance and labor protection of RA" the profitable part of the Fund is 112 357 700 rubles. In this case, on the benefits of maternity leave provided funds in the amount of 28 000 thousand rubles, at birth - 32 234.0 thousands, child care until the age of 1.5 years - 6 000.0 million, for rehabilitation of children - 8 000.0 thousands.

The revenue of the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund of Abkhazia is planned at 35 014.1 thousand rubles. In this case, in particular, on the implementation of targeted programs to provide medical care for pregnant women and new mothers and pregnancy pathology laid - 11 148 600 rubles.

In the order of the Road Fund on the bill, in 2015 it is planned to spend an amount of 63 724.0 thousand rubles. It includes: 30 000.0 thousand rubles for repair work and maintenance of national roads, 26 405 400 rubles - for the maintenance and repair of local roads, 2 700.0 thousand rubles - for service 2 tunnels on the bypass road in Gagra, as well as other expenses. As it turned out, the content of urban roads do not fall within the competence of the Road Fund. It would be for the city authorities.

The main issue in the consideration of the bill on the budget of the Fund of disabled of the War of Abkhazia was the problem of redundancies. The fact that the content of the Fund's units are 6 regional associations of persons with disabilities, as well as the Association of Regional Associations. State of each of them is about 12 people. It turns out that significant money is spent just on salaries of officials of the Fund. Now, according to the chairman of the Fund Badri Agrba, negotiations with district administrations to pass on this cost to the local authorities.

To support immigrants in the corresponding off-budget Fund includes funds in the amount of 134 439.1 thousand rubles. Of these, capital construction and acquisition of property - 89 230.4 thousand rubles for the improvement and maintenance of (rent) immigrants - 10 000.0 thousand rubles.

At a meeting of the Committee decided to recommend to take all the bills at the session of the Parliament in the first reading

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