Pine nature reserve in Pitsunda needs effective measures to preserve it

09.02.2015 15:26
Pine nature reserve in Pitsunda needs to implement effective measures for the conservation of endemic of the relict pine. Composed by administration of Pitsunda-Myussera Reserve, in 2012, an action plan for the conservation of relict species of plants has not been funded, although it was approved by the Cabinet.

Pine nature reserve in Pitsunda was established on February 9, 1926, and in 1966 became a part of established Pitsunda-Myussera reserve, one of the main objectives of which is the preservation, reproduction and study of rare relict plant species, among which "Pitsunda's pine", "Boxwood Colchis", "strawberry Tree" and others.

In 1966, the entire area was fenced, but to date the fence fell into disrepair. As a result, reserve suffers from the influence exerted by a person, especially in summer, when there are many tourists in Pitsunda. Great damage causes cattle that eat the young shoots. The weeds are dangerous too, because they prevent the natural regeneration of relict pine. "Our reserve is unique, and it made so famous resort Pitsunda and gave a global significance. View of pine presented here, the last in the Crimean-Caucasian flora", - said in an interview with "AP" the Director of Pitsunda-Myussera Reserve Gennadiy Maliya.

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