Plans are built, money is counted, particular cases ahead!

09.02.2015 17:36
All memorable events of the first week of February, which has already been said by political and expert community of the country, read the analytical review of the events by the Information department of "Apsnypress".

Information Department of Apsnypress. All plans for a better future in Abkhazia this week got a chance to be realized. The Law on Ratification of the Agreement between the two countries on the alliance and strategic partnership was signed by Vladimir Putin and entered into force. So, the next stage of construction of economic and political relations between Abkhazia and Russia should be taken by a number of agreements in various spheres of activity.

And such legislative initiatives do not take long. For example, a meeting of the Budget Committee, credit institutions, taxes and finances. At the meeting the Chairman of the Bank of Abkhazia Beslan Barateliya provided an estimate of the cost of the National Bank of RA for 2015. A Finance Minister Amra Kvarandziya spoke on the Draft Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Abkhazia on the procedure and co-financing due to the Russian means higher wages major categories of state in 2015. The agreement provides for the first stage to increase their average salary "to reach a level comparable with the level of compensation of employees in the Southern Federal District of Russia".

In addition, the Parliamentary Committee discussed the draft Investment Program to promote socio-economic development of the Republic of Abkhazia for 2015-2017 years. Economy Minister Nikolay Achba, Agriculture Minister Rafik Otyrba and Deputy Minister of Economy Kvarchiya Leon spoke about their visions for the development of investment activity. In particular, among the planned activities aimed at supporting the real sector of the economy, it is proposed: the construction of agro-industrial park with a complex of greenhouses; infrastructure complex for storing and selling fruit; creation and restoration plantings of fruit crops; commissioning of enterprises to develop hazelnut. For it is proposed: the implementation of several major projects in the agricultural sector on the basis of public-private partnership, the direction of the means of financial assistance for direct support peasant farms, establishment of a mechanism of direct support small businesses and enterprises of Abkhazia opening access to the Russian market.

But that all of the intended paper projects become a reality, according to lawmakers and ministers must address three main objectives: to ensure the growth of their own tax revenues, reduce unemployment and withdraw from the shadows income households and small businesses. But with this, according to the reports of the tax, there are a lot of problems. At the last meeting of the State Tax Service of the Republic of Abkhazia were unveiled disappointing results for the past year. Thus, industry taxes collected 98% of the targets in construction - 50%, transport - 49%. Even in such promising areas as trade, resorts and tourism tax payments was collected only 82% and 86%, respectively. In this case, one of the reasons for non-compliance plan, according to the chairman of STS Rauf Tsimtsba became arrears. In general, the figures were more than 140 million rubles.

Nevertheless, entrepreneurial activity continues to intensify. According to the Ministry of Justice, in January 2015 the number of registered legal entities increased by almost 2.5 times compared with the previous year. Moreover, the interest of potential investors to the business prospects in the country continues to grow. Prime Minister Beslan Butba already met with representatives of the Abkhaz and Adyghe diaspora in Turkey, who visited the regions of Abkhazia to study the state of agriculture. But the national small business optimism is no different. According to statistics from the Ministry of Justice of the same, if in January 2014 individuals opened 1300 enterprises, this year - only 85.

Last week marked and the traditional start of the year for legislative activity. At a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft budget of six different funds of RA for 2015. For example, the project of the law concerned the expenditure side of the Pension Fund amounted to 974 952 thousand rubles, revenues - 974 952 rubles. The budget Mandatory Health Insurance Fund of planned spending - 35 014.1 rubles, and revenue - 35 014.1 rubles.

So, at the Ministry of Health there is a real opportunity to plan the activities of their structures. And now medical department reported that its walls are preparing a comprehensive plan to fight cancer.

Continues to regulate their activities and law enforcement agencies of Abkhazia. The plan of work coordination meeting on the 2015. Within its framework, it was decided to establish a permanent working group, which in the short term should develop a program of inter-agency cooperation and work to restore law and order. Moreover, today the results of law enforcement there. So, at the end of last week reported on the Abkhaz police arrest members of an armed gang, possibly involved in the sensational murder of Edward Nersesyan and Andrey Udaltsov.

The results of the meetings in past week in the field of international relations are indicative. So, if the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Dnestr Moldavian Republic Alexander Vataman during a working visit to the RA President Raul Khadjimba called "the support and example of Abkhazia especially valuable" for PMR, then at a meeting of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia with EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and co-chair of the Geneva discussions EU positions of the parties separated. Khadjimba had to remind Herbert Salber that "Abkhazia does not need to be considered through the prism of the Georgian perception, but as one of the parties to the negotiation process".

For guests of the Republic and its citizens for the ordinary, far from the intricacies of politics, perhaps the main event last week was the spring bloom and the sun! However, in the language of science sparing the news spread in a different way. According to the State Hydrometeorological Service, the last two weeks on the Black Sea coast is dominated by an abnormal warming that caused the early growing season.

In this weather has sounded more optimistic news about new snowshoes, skis, tents, shoes, heat and water-resistant clothing and other equipment, which was purchased by members of the "Mountain of Abkhazia", thanks to the sponsorship. And the news that started action "Viva la Vida" with installed at the main entrance to the National Bank piggy box, that prepared the study, which archaeologists of Abkhazia will hold together with colleagues from Russia in one of the world's oldest Paleolithic - Yashtuha camp . And, of course, without any optimism residents learned about the extermination in large numbers of flowering in winter Abkhazian cyclamen.

With due zeal, in anticipation of spring, employees of road repair and construction management complete the cleaning of storm drains in Sukhum, which they began in November 2014. A staff of Emergency Situations Ministry is preparing a "great work of the organization and inspection of places of swimming in the beach season, which this year promises to be very active". With that and the previous reporting period, the service turned out to be difficult. Voiced by the figures in 2014 eliminated the Ministry of Emergency Situations 127 natural disasters, held 47 search and rescue operations, revealed 611 jammed elevators, rescued 82 people.

More events of cultural life of the country began in the first place, which took place on the main stage of the Abkhazian State Drama Theatre S. Chanba premiere of State Youth Theatre under the direction of People's Artist of Abkhazia Sofa Agumaa. And, secondly, the interview with the president of ASU Aleko Gvaramiya, with a broad overview of the postwar establishment of business education and science in the country, which he gave on the day of 36th anniversary of the reorganization of the Sukhum State Pedagogical Institute A. Gorkiy to the Abkhaz State University.

And of course, another promise to the upbeat spirit began to achieve Abkhaz athletes: SFD championships in table tennis, boxing in the Krasnodar Territory, in Sukhum on Shotokan Karate-Kaze Ha.

The first week of February is behind. And the main result, which has already been spoke on by political and expert community of the country - is that the building plans completed.

Ahead are the concrete actions! About which there was talk during the election campaign, during the negotiating process within the framework of wide and narrow public debate.

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