President of Abkhazia met with the Acting Head of the Republic of Adygea

09.09.2017 22:46
President of Abkhazia met with the Acting Head of the Republic of Adygea
Raul Khajimba's visit to the Republic of Adygea continues.

Sukhum. September 9. Apsnypress.  President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba met with the interim Head of the Republic of Adygea Murat Kumpilov in Maikop. Press Secretary of the RA President Naala Avidzba reported. 

 The press secretary says:

 "Murat Kumpilov greeted the President of Abkhazia:

 "We are really grateful that Raul Djumkovich has come to our republic. We thank you for this. And, of course, the word to the eldest. I would like to see Raul Djumkovich begin,"- said the head of Adygea. 

 Raul Khajimba thanked Murat Kumpilov for the reception:

 "I am sure that the cases initiated by our predecessors will continue. Adygea has great opportunities, and these chances should not be missed. Especially considering that young people should actively join the political and economic life. Undoubtedly, it will give corresponding results.

 In my turn, I want to thank you very much for the attitude of the republic towards Abkhazia. Much has been done to develop our ties. Today I was once again convinced that our guys, the volunteers who came to help us, did not go unheeded. There is work and the possibility of more active contact with these guys. I think they will be the main driving force that will support and will be near you, will create all opportunities to make Adygea even more beautiful and stronger, " - the President of the Republic of Abkhazia said. 

Interim Head of the Republic of Adygea once again thanked President of Abkhazia for the visit:

 "Thank you very much, Raul Djumkovich that you have arrived to the Republic of Adygea. I am sure that the whole population of the republic takes this very positively. We will continue giving new impetus, and strengthening our cooperation with the Republic of Abkhazia. We rejoice at the successes of Abkhazia. We will strengthen all ties, economic and cultural. Undoubtedly, we will strengthen the work with regard to volunteers who fought for the freedom of Abkhazia, their involvement in the process of the life of the republic. We promise you a respectful, reverent attitude of power to them. Once again, thank you, Raul Djumkovich. We will cherish our friendship and relationship, " - Murat Kumpilov said.

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