President: The principle of "occupied" by which we have lived in the postwar years, is no longer working

26.06.2015 18:40
President: The principle of "occupied" by which we have lived in the postwar years, is no longer working
Raul Khadjimba held a working meeting devoted to the solution of the housing problem, in particular, the provision of social housing to certain categories of citizens.

Sukhum. June 26. Apsnypress. The problems of formation of the non-profit housing for people with low income, the privileged categories of citizens, including the disabled of the War of 1992 - 1993, victims' families and veterans, having many children and young families. 

President stressed the need to find effective ways to solve the housing problem. "For a long time this issue has been neglected. The situation is complicated, and a lot of work is to be done, but it is important to start the process of legal and equitable provision of housing for subsidized categories of citizens. We will also plan to budget the construction of new social housing on the basis of our modest financial capacity",- noted the President.    

Raul Khadjimba instructed the vice president to prepare proposals for the establishment of State Commission for allocation of social housing. He noted the inadmissibility of unauthorized seizure of apartments and houses. The state will address these issues in strict accordance with the law. "The principle of "occupied" by which we lived after the war is no longer working", - said Raul Khadjimba. 

Vitaly Gabniya proposed to designate as the priorities of the newly created State Commission in the short term the existing definition on the state balance housing. As well as updated lists of citizens standing in the queue for housing and the development of other mechanisms to improve the living conditions of needy citizens. 

Decree on the establishment of the State Commission will be signed in the near future. 

Source: Official website of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia

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