President: Together we will succeed and Abkhazia will become a prosperous country

01.01.2016 00:01
President: Together we will succeed and Abkhazia will become a prosperous country
President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadjimba congratulated Abkhaz people on the New Year.

Sukhum. January 1. Apsnypress.

 "Dear compatriots!
 In a few minutes we will meet New 2016 Year together . The past year can not be called cloudless. It was full of important events in the life of Abkhazia and the whole world, which is undergoing a deep crisis and conflict. Unfortunately, this effects on our country.
 However, despite all the difficulties, we were able to ensure political and economic stability. For the first time in many years, the executive branch, in close cooperation with the Parliament and representatives of our society, has launched a development program. We have established long-term contacts with various regions of Russia, representatives of business structures that create conditions for attracting investments into our economy.
 2015 showed that Abkhazia opened up new possibilities in the fields of tourism and agriculture. We must take action to this favorable situation gave a serious effect on our economy.
 Particular attention will be given to the resolution of social problems, such as an increase in pensions and salaries to state employees, improving the quality of health and education.
 In these and other questions we enjoy the full support of our strategic partner - Russia. In the coming year we will implement many joint plans aimed at improving the lives of our people. The basis for this have already been laid.
We must do everything to preserve our country and increase its capabilities in the complex processes occurring in the world around us.
   The vital cohesion of our society is needed for this. We are all citizens of one country and wish her a good fortune.
 Abkhazia began political and economic reforms. I am convinced that this is the right direction for our movement.
 I hope that the steps of taken by the Abkhaz leadership will find your support and understanding, because we work on the basis of national interests.
 Only by combining efforts we will be able to pass this difficult stage of history and build a stable and decent future for our country.
 Together we will succeed and Abkhazia will become a prosperous country.
 Dear compatriots!
 I heartily congratulate you on this holiday, let the New Year bring peace and happiness to every home, and fulfillment of all your good wishes. God bless our people and our blessed homeland.
Happy New Year!"

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