President: we need to dare to trust our youth more

28.12.2015 17:20
President: we need to dare to trust our youth more
On the eve of the New Year RA President Raul Khadjimba onhe held an annual meeting with students of the republic.

Sukhum. December 28. Apsnypress. Irena Dzhopua. At the meeting, boys and girls had the opportunity to ask the head of state their concerns. In particular, answering the question about the possibility of participation of young people in the programs of lending to small and medium-sized businesses, Raul Khadjimba said that there is the difficulty, but at the same time there are active young people  who participate in the program now. "We think through these matters with the Chairman of the National Bank. We want young people to participate, but this work should not become a parasitic environment. It should be a clear understanding that the debt must be returned to the state. Therefore, the issue should be by the National Bank together with  the State Committee on Youth Policy ", - said the President.

Khadjimba also stressed the need to have more trust in youth. "We were in Tatarstan and were said that at the enterprises - 80-90% of employees - young people. They are included in all processes of Tatarstan, from the ending of IT technologies and agricultural projects. The situation is similar in free economic zones. They are headed by young people. We need to dare to trust our young people more", - said the President.

Commenting on the topic of real estate sales to foreigners, the President stressed that the issue is very thin and it is not allowed to speculate in this thread. "Many people raise the question of the sale of land. The land is owned by the state according to the Constitution. And the question of its sale can not bear even at a referendum. There must be a real estate cadastre and cadastre of the land itself, but not in the context of the sale. And the question of the real estate must be carefully worked out. There should be appropriate mechanisms. Then we have a lot to gain", - said Khadjimba.

 At the end of the meeting Chairman of State Committee on Youth Policy Alias Avidzba noted that this year, despite all the difficulties, the State Committee's projects have been all implemented. "We can not say that the youth policy carried out on the residual principle. We felt the support of all our endeavors", - said Avidzba.

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