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Raul Khadjimba handed engraving «Vues D'Abkhasie» to the National Art Gallery

25.06.2015 12:15
Raul Khadjimba handed engraving «Vues D'Abkhasie» to the National Art Gallery
Engraving «Vues D'Abkhasie»by Frederic Dubois de Monpere is an authentic impression of the XIX century.

Sukhum. June 25. Apsnypress. Engraving was presented President of Abkhazia by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Today the minister of culture and protection of historical and cultural heritage Elvira Arsaliyev handed engraving by Dubois de Monpere to director of the National Art Gallery Suram Sakaniya. She noted that today continues the tradition of transfer of the valuable works of art that are in private collections to the National Art Gallery. 

"Recently was transferred the work by the artist Victor Bardodym. We are pleased that the funds are replenished. It is very important because we do not always have an opportunity to help the gallery to purchase valuables for its fund ", - said Arsaliya. 

Director of the National Gallery Suram Sakaniya thanked the President of Abkhazia and said that recently he presented the gallery engraving by Gomersela Alfred Vickers "Moscow Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral". Sakaniya noted that these masterpieces are not only of artistic but also historical value. "Dubois described Abkhazia with subtly noted mentality of the Abkhaz people", - said Sakanov.

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