Raul Khadzhimba: confrontation between our people must not be allowed!

10.09.2019 22:36
Raul Khadzhimba: confrontation between our people must not be allowed!
President of Abkhazia went to the audience at the Administration building.

Sukhum. August 10. Apsnypress. The head of state went to the audience outside the building of the Presidential Administration, concerned about the situation in the country after the announcement of the election results. Earlier, in Sukhum, there was held a rally of supporters of the PP Amtsakhara, where they disagreed with the results of the second vote announced by the CEC.
 President of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba addressed to people:
 “I understand that you are concerned about the situation that has developed these days. Unfortunately, some did not realize that the election was over. And the result indicates that today the election ended in favor of the current government.
 We spoke at the debate that those who win and those who lose should congratulate each other. In the first round of elections and in the second, practically, not a single remark, not a single violation was revealed. This was indicated by representatives of all observer groups. This was stated by representatives of various headquarters, which with their candidates took part in this political process. Therefore, today it is not very correct to declare non-recognition of elections.
 I understand they are trying to sue. And today people are gathering to demonstrate: the court must make only one decision. The elections were held, the results are obvious, and we must calmly accept this situation and think about the possibility of joint work, make efforts so that the country continues to develop. Not everything is simple, we have repeatedly said that there are difficulties, there are many complex problems. During these five years, a significant number of rallies, confrontations, and referendums took place. And all this had to be taken calmly, in accordance with our laws. We agreed that the representatives of the opposition were in the power structures, and they exist and work. You need to understand that life goes on, there must be opposition and discussions on how we should continue to live. This must be done correctly, in a civilized manner. We need to prevent confrontation between our people! ”

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