Raul Khadzhimba: I want Bzhania to recover and his name to be not used for speculative purposes

20.05.2019 14:07
Raul Khadzhimba: I want Bzhania to recover and his name to be not used for speculative purposes
The head of state spoke at a public meeting. The head of state spoke at a public meeting.    

Sukhum. May 20. Apsnypress. The public meeting was held in Sukhum at which they discussed the political situation in the country and the opposition’s demand to postpone the presidential election.
 President of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba spoke at the meeting:
  "On the current situation that has developed in connection with the illness of Deputy Bzhania ...
 I would like to note that such a development is unprofitable, first of all, for the government itself. The opposition or individual representatives of this opposition are very actively trying to imagine that it is the authorities that are involved in these processes. I'm not going to make excuses and prove the opposite. There are the relevant bodies of the Prosecutor's Office for this. If anyone has any data, they are required to appear in this structure and specifically call things by their names. Only then we can talk about certain actions on the part of the Prosecutor’s Office in relation to a particular person.
 It is more than strange when there are voices today that Mr. Bzhania is the main actor from the opposition. I do not detract from his significance as a person, as a deputy, but I want to note that just two months ago there was a question: who will be number one from the united opposition? We are well aware of all those meetings that were made in the Parliament with individual deputies and in the circle of the opposition environment. It is difficult to hide information from society about those battles that reached fights on this issue. I think that everyone who is here is aware of this. Attempts to alleviate the situation have come to nothing. Today's moralists until recently were very rigidly opposed to the candidacy of Bzhania, searching for an alternative figure. Don't we know about this? The society is well aware of attempts to nominate new people, in exchange for Bzhania, their names were called, they were discussed at family gatherings. But for one reason or another, this group of people did not manage to realize the situation.
  Now, on Bzhania's disease ...
 From the first days, at the first press conference there was given contradictory information on the causes of the disease, ranging from pneumonia to poisoning. At the same time, there was received a paper on the appeal of representatives to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on provision of a real diagnosis of the patient in accordance with the provisions of Article 13 of the Federal Law of November 21, 2011 "On the Principles of Health Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation" for the provision of medical care, his state of health and diagnosis, other information obtained during his medical examination and treatment, constitute a medical secret. ” It is said that in relation to the patient Bzhania, appropriate medical examinations were carried out and a diagnosis was made. But, unfortunately, we do not know anything about this diagnosis. Only with the written consent of the citizen or his legal representative the disclosure of this information is allowed, as well as, according to article 4 of the same Law, the provision of such information is possible at the request of law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, to this day the essence of the content of the real diagnosis, as I said above, is unknown.
 However, I would like to note that when there are criminal traces in relation to a patient admitted to the hospital, the medical staff is obliged to inform the relevant law enforcement structures about the patient’s identity and the actions that were taken against that person. I spoke with many heads of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, they have no such information. The Ministry of Health of Abkhazia, the Prosecutor General's Office and our other law enforcement agencies collect information bit by bit. The applicants for Bzhania’s poisoning were invited to the General Prosecutor’s Office for explanations. But it seems that some are more comfortable with forcing mystery around this case and exacerbating the situation.
 In turn, we held and are holding consultations with a number of representatives of the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation. We held more than once the Security Council with the participation of our law enforcement agencies, designated the necessary measures to the Ministry of Health and the General Prosecutor's Office. When they say that we did not behave as the situation required, it is a lie. On this fact, inspections are conducted by the General Prosecutor's Office of Abkhazia, which appealed to its colleagues in Moscow on the issue of assisting them in establishing the truth.
Yesterday, the first information from the Bzhania family about his state of health was received which states that the treatment process is burdened by pneumonia. If you think logically, there arises the question, what illness felt by Bzhania before the pneumonia, what was the reason for him to be in the hospital? According to their data, it turns out that Bzhania was first poisoned and then he developed pneumonia. In this case, the picture of the course of the disease and its consequences would be completely different, given the substances to be present in the body. This will doctors probably tell, and representatives of law enforcement agencies.
 According to available information, until the last visit of Bzhania to Abkhazia and before entering the 12th Moscow City Hospital, he stayed in Russia for a certain period, where he applied to medical institutions due to colds. This is well known to the doctors of the Ministry of Health of Abkhazia. With regard to plasmapheresis, which was used in the treatment of Bzhaniya, as reported by his relatives, this method is used in the purification of the blood and is used for acute respiratory and viral infections, it can also be used for poisoning. It is not me to judge what for it was used. There are doctors, let them talk about it.
  On the data presented to the public from Germany on the presence of heavy metals in Bzhaniya's body ...
 I want to note that there is whole periodic table in the human body. According to the environmental and medical standards, there are so-called reference tests and limits for the presence of mercury and other heavy metals in the body. The presented information from Germany shows that these substances were found in the urine and blood, but is it said nowhere that they represent a danger to his life.
  With regard to recent events and loud statements about the disease of Bzhaniya ...
 There are a lot of questions. First of all, we still do not know the diagnosis. But I hope, we will get answers to the questions, and they will put everything in its place.
 In recent days, they have begun to actively proclaim the need for constitutional reform. There are voices about the need to move to parliamentarism. We live at a time when quick decision-making is very important for the state, so it’s premature to talk about the transition to parliamentary form. We need to do everything so that the country move forward, in spite of all the difficulties. Attempts to create a restless atmosphere will not give anything good and will not contribute to progress. To those who think it is possible, I want to say: do not risk either our people or our state! We have very little margin of opportunity, and we must do everything to remain a civilized community.
At the same time, I, like any other normal person, want Bzhania’s health to be normal, so that he recovers, and his name to be not used for speculative purposes. ”

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