Raul Khadzhimba: objective investigation is necessary, the guilty should be punished, whoever it is

15.07.2019 16:48
Raul Khadzhimba: objective investigation is necessary, the guilty should be punished, whoever it is
The head of state held a meeting with representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the RA Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Security Service of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Sukhum. July 15. Apnypress. 
President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba held a meeting with the RA Prosecutor General, Minister of Internal Affairs, Chairman of the State Security Service of the Republic of Abkhazia on strengthening law and order.
 The head of state outlined a range of topical issues: “The murder of Kvitsiniya, as well as the incident with the detained Tarba in the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.”
 At the same time, Khadzhimba stressed: “We have already spoken with you, and quite toughly, there is a need for an objective investigation, so that the guilty will be punished, whoever that may be. I would ask the suspects for Pantsulaya to carry out the relevant work in the framework of international cooperation, so that these people would be brought to the territory of Abkhazia. On the situation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Prosecutor's Office to carry out the work that we talked about in previous days. And the result should be known to society. The perpetrators must be punished as required by law. All actions, ranging from the Attorney General, the Minister of the Interior and all those who will be involved in the investigation of the abduction of Mertskhulava, all activities should be brought to a logical conclusion. You have something to work with and with whom to work. "
 For his part, Interior Minister Harry Arshba reported on the work done: “At my direction, an official inspection was conducted. The collected materials were transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office of Sukhum for a decision on the merits of what happened. All the circumstances of the death of citizen Tarba will be unequivocally established, and the immediate fault of each employee in the incident will be determined. Violence and abuse of power, malfeasance of police officers are punishable by law. And we will do everything necessary to establish all the facts that have taken place. To date, the prosecutor's office of Sukhum initiated a criminal case. By my order, all employees who are listed in this criminal case are suspended from their posts. We carry out the necessary activities, cooperate with the Prosecutor's Office to find out all the circumstances of the case. Upon the commission of the murder of a citizen Kvitsiniya and the attempted murder of the second Kvitsiniya, a complex of search operations was carried out jointly with the Security Service. Identified specific individuals who committed the crime. These are the Pantsulaya brothers. Events are being held to establish their location. According to available operational information, they crossed the Abkhaz-Russian border. It sets up the transport on which they moved the border. "
 The Prosecutor General Zurab Achba also informed about the actions taken by the department: “A criminal case has been initiated under Article 288, part 3 - this is an abuse of office with the use of violence. Persons involved in the commission of this crime are suspended from their duties. This misconduct will be investigated and brought to the attention of the public. "

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