Raul Khadzhimba: the Republic of Turkey is in the spectrum of those countries with which Abkhazia seeks economic cooperation

22.08.2019 17:32
Raul Khadzhimba: the Republic of Turkey is in the spectrum of those countries with which Abkhazia seeks economic cooperation
President of Abkhazia met with the Turkish delegation.

Sukhum. 22 August. Apsnypress. President of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba met with a delegation of entrepreneurs from Turkey. The meeting was also attended by RA Prime Minister Valery Bganba, RA Foreign Minister Daur Kove, RA Economy Minister Adgur Ardzinba, RA Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Dzhansuh Nanba, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Adgur Lushba, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Abkhazia Alexey Dvinyanin. The delegation arrived in Abkhazia on a familiarization visit.
 The meeting discussed topical issues of cooperation, strengthening friendly and trade-economic relations, as well as the possibility of implementing joint projects.
 President of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba welcomed guests:
 “Abkhazia and its people have always been and remain open and sincerely friendly to all who come to us with good intentions.
 The history of Abkhazia as a state has its roots in ancient centuries, during which our people actively built and maintained their relations with neighboring peoples, including those who lived in the territories of the Black Sea states. Flipping through the pages of this story, it cannot be denied that during all this time there were severe pages with tragic events that put the Abkhaz ethnic group on the brink of extinction, but there are also many positive pages when people created their culture, developed, traded and maintained good relations with neighbours.
 You are also well aware of the events that took place in Abkhazia in its recent history after the collapse of the USSR, which was a guarantee of security and the preservation of our people. With the collapse of the USSR, neighboring Georgia launched a bloody war on our territory that claimed the lives of several thousand of our citizens, inflicting unhealed wounds, and left us with a completely destroyed economy. According to experts, the damage caused exceeds 13 billion US dollars. To this day, the aggressor has not been held responsible for what has been done and, moreover, with the full support of a number of Western countries, especially the United States, is nurturing revanchist sentiments.
 Despite all the upheavals, our people, having won and saved themselves from genocide, proclaimed independence, consolidated it with their own Constitution and began to build a sovereign state. Now there are also many ill-wishers whose constant attacks inhibit our development and impede the formation of the country, in order to prevent our involvement in the surrounding political and economic space as an equal subject, to take our place among the countries that have taken place on the political map of the world. 

 Under these conditions, the first country that extended a hand of friendship was the Russian Federation, which recognized our independence in 2008. Subsequently, Abkhazia established official diplomatic relations with a number of UN member countries, including Nicaragua, Venezuela, the Syrian Arab Republic, Nauru, Tuvalu and Vanuatu, which we actively support on an ongoing basis.
 Today, our relations with Russia are sealed by two fundamental interstate treaties, which are the legal basis of our strategic and economic partnership. Having thus received reliable guarantees of safety, the process of building up confidently began in the country. The previously destroyed economy of Abkhazia is currently at the stage of active formation and, in our deep conviction, despite the current political component, the geography of states and the direction of economic relations of Abkhazia with them should constantly expand.
 The Republic of Turkey is in the spectrum of those countries with which our country seeks economic cooperation, and we have all the necessary prerequisites for this. First of all, these are comfortable climatic conditions and a convenient geographical position, from the point of view of logistics. The second is that between the entrepreneurs of our countries there is already experience in working together, existing and proven partnerships have been established during the past 25 years after the war. The third is the willingness, desire of the state and representatives of our business community to mutually beneficial cooperation with those people and structures that show such interest in our country.
Abkhazia well remembers when in the period of the post-war blockade declared by the member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, despite political isolation, fuel, construction materials, food and essential goods came to us from Turkey by sea. In the opposite direction, timber and scrap of ferrous metals were exported. Then we had to survive. But at present, using the same path and the indisputable advantages listed above, we can reach a higher, qualitatively new level of trade and economic relations. As an example, I can say that in 2018 the foreign trade turnover with Turkey amounted to more than 1.3 billion rubles. or 7% of the total foreign trade turnover of our country, with a growth rate of 26% compared to 2017. The numbers are not very high in scale, but the most important thing is that since 1994, there has been a steady upward trend in imports and exports in this direction.
 Entrepreneurial initiatives themselves are far from politics, and politics itself is in many cases a serious obstacle to the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, increasing commercial risks, but as we can see from individual examples, there are always ways out, even from hopeless situations.
 In turn, we, as a state, will strongly support and encourage these initiatives. In Abkhazia, the necessary legislative base has already been created and is working to regulate taxation, investment, land and property relations, banks, a liberal tariff policy is being applied in the field of public services and energy supply, law enforcement and judicial systems are functioning, which together provide modern business and commercial activities . We are keenly interested in foreign investment in all areas of the national economy, contributing to its stable growth and ongoing development, the creation of new jobs and increased employment, which is directly related to the increase in the level of well-being and social security of our citizens.
 Your arrival in our republic can serve as a powerful impetus to development of bilateral relations based on mutual interests, become the beginning of implementation of joint projects, the real implementation of ideas and plans conceived.
 I am sure that our dialogue and exchange of views today will be constructive and effective, and in this connection I express my readiness for meaningful cooperation. ”
 One of the guests, chairman of the Gorev Holding, Hussein Tugay Schen, thanking for hospitality, noted: “This day will be historic for us, negotiations are useful for improving our long-standing ties. Abkhazia should further strengthen ties with Turkey, and Turkey can recognize the independence of Abkhazia. Given duty-free trade and an agreement with the Russian Federation, we think that our businessmen are able to take positions here that will be useful to them. We want during our stay to discuss cooperation in the tourism sector and the economy, which will strengthen ties between Abkhazia and Turkey. We hope to conclude several agreements allowing us to open a joint business. ”

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