Raul Khajimba about our athletes: you are Abkhazia's greatest achievement!

22.12.2017 13:14
Raul Khajimba about our athletes: you are Abkhazia's greatest achievement!
President of Abkhazia met with athletes who won awards at international tournaments of various sports.

Sukhum. December 22. Apsnypress. During the year, Abkhaz sportsmen showed themselves in sports such as freestyle wrestling, sambo, tennis, grappling, kickboxing, parathekvondo, football, shotokan "KAZE HA", powerlifting, karate kyokushinkai. On the eve of New Year's holidays, President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba met with athletes and their coaches who won prestigious awards in international tournaments.

 The head of state congratulated the athletes and their coaches: "Dear friends, I am sincerely glad to meet you. You are the color of our youth, the state. People who tirelessly train, create the image of the country. Reaching victory they become under the banner of our state, this is a very trembling and exciting event. The state should do everything to ensure that sports in our republic continue to develop. Physical culture and sport should be the basis for development of the Republic. A healthy nation is above all! You are Abkhazia's greatest achievement! "

 Chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia for Physical Culture and Sports Bagrat Khutaba thanked President for his support in the field of sports and presented him a memorable gift once received from hands of the First President: "We are honored to perform under the Abkhaz flag at international competitions. Although we faced many problems, our enemies have repeatedly tried to politicize sport but we are still moving forward winning in different sports around the world. "

 For his part, chairman of the National Olympic Committee Valery Arshba said: "It is very important that there are such young people in the country. Whatever kind of sport our guys are taking part, they always come back with victories. We are happy we have such athletes who please the country, their families and people. Good luck and new achievements! "

 Athlete Leon Tsvizhba wished everyone good luck: "Happy New Year! I wish that in 2018 there will be more victories. It is impossible not to thank the coaches, they have put their soul into us. Each coach passes his knowledge and experience to athletes, and all our achievements are their merits."

Within the framework of the meeting, by decree of President of Abkhazia "for the long-term fruitful work in the field of physical culture and sports, high professionalism"the honorary title "Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sport of RA"  awarded to Deputy Chairman of RA State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports Rafael Ampar.

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